VOCSN Clinical Resources

VOCSN Clinical Resources

VOCSN is a new approach to respiratory care. Use the Clinical Corner to read the latest advances in patient care from experts in the field. Watch the instructional videos to learn how the VOCSN unified respiratory system works.

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All VOCSN technical and training documents are available for download here.

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Video Gallery

Learn more about VOCSN and the Ventec Team.  

VOCSN How-to Videos


VOCSN Hands On Demonstration

Hands on demonstration of how to use the VOCSN unified respiratory system.


VOCSN Touchscreen Operation

See how easy it is to switch between five different therapies on VOCSN with just touch of a button.


Ventec Secretion Trap

The Secretion Trap is added to the circuit to capture mucus after the cough and helps to make the Touch Button Cough™ possible. As mucus enters the trap, the VOCSN suction system removes mucus from the circuit. 


VOCSN Passive Circuit with Touch Button Cough™

The Ventec passive circuit is light, small, and easy to use. Our unique passive valve is designed to close the leak during cough exsufflation, thus making Touch Button Cough™ possible without changing circuits.


VOCSN Oxygen Direct™ System

The Oxygen Direct™ system minimizes oxygen lost to leaks and dead space, improves battery life, and makes using supplemental oxygen easier. VOCSN includes advanced pulse dose technology and an independent O2 tube inside the patient circuit. The system delivers oxygen directly to the patient interface during the first two thirds of the patient’s breath, when the patient needs oxygen most.


Ventec Humidifier Bypass & Touch Button Cough™

The Ventec Humidifier Bypass allows the patient to remain connected to the humidifier while using the Touch Button Cough™ therapy. The bypass attaches to the humidifier water chamber to allow humidified air to reach the patient during ventilation and insufflation. Then, during exsufflation, check valves close to bypass the water chamber of the humidifier.


Ventec One-Circuit™ Active Valve

The inline design and dual bellows of the active circuit provide the performance of an active valve with the size and convenience of a passive valve. The patent pending valve design supports cough and ventilation functions in a single circuit, combines the drive and sense lines into a single trilumen tube, which mitigate historical problems associated with condensation to optimize Vte sensing, accuracy, and triggering.

About VOCSN and Our Team


Ventec Life Systems Introduces VOCSN

Meet the team that is redefining respiratory care with VOCSN.


VOCSN Introduced at AARC Congress 2016

VOCSN was introduced in October at the American Association of Respiratory Care Congress 2016 in San Antonio. 


Meet Loa, VOCSN Ambassador


Clinical Corner

The VOCSN team brings together the best minds in respiratory care to share ideas with patients, caregivers, and professionals. The Ventec Clinical Board are objective thought leaders who are free to share their independent opinions about VOCSN or Ventec Life Systems. The Clinical Corner is a place for our Clinical Board to foster conversations about future innovations in respiratory care.

No matter what you read here, nothing replaces talking to your healthcare professional. Patients should always consult with their doctors, and medical care professionals should always follow their approved standards of care.




Respiratory care advances when we work together.  The VOCSN community brings together leading physicians, respiratory therapists, emergency responders, families, and patients to advance respiratory care. Below are some external resources for ventilation patients:

Patients and Families

Medical Professionals