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With the recent market disruptions, we wanted to let you know that we are here to help. We have a comprehensive and readily available portfolio of products to fill any gaps left by Philips' decision to discontinue the production of several ventilation products.

The V*Home Ventilator

Now with IntelliPAP™ auto-adjusting PEEP


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Volume Targeted Pressure Modes

Auto-adjusting pressure technology with advanced leak compensation to meet patient’s changing ventilatory needs

High Flow Therapy

With flow rates of 4-60 L/min


With compact, lightweight design and up to 9 hours of battery life

User Friendly

Smartphone style touchscreen interface


With an intuitive touchscreen
operation, VOCSN supports
quick and easy setup.


Five therapies in one
18-pound device with up to
9 hours of on-board battery.

Care Changing

Uninterrupted ventilation
between therapies designed
to improve care.

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Up to 9 Hours of Power

Freedom all day
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Touch Button Therapies

One circuit, no switching
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70% Lighter*

Less to carry, easier to travel
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3x Quieter*

Discrete multi-therapy delivery
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Everyday Mobility

Five therapies, one device
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Faster Therapy

Care in seconds, not minutes
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Homecare Reimbursement

Better payment for better care
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Comprehensive Reporting

Customized breathing comfort
*As compared to traditional ventilator, oxygen, cough, suction, and nebulizer devices.

VOCSN: Five Devices in One

Engineered tough to provide lasting value

In addition to engineering endurance into every component, all VOCSN configurations include a 2-Year Standard Warranty, guaranteeing any initial repair and maintenance costs are covered by Ventec Life Systems. All five therapies are maintained on the same 10K-hour service schedule. With all major components are over-engineered and designed to 30K hours of use, you will never have to replace a nebulizer or suction pump again. Use the slider to reveal the durability of VOCSN.



VOCSN can deliver the equivalent of 6 L/min of oxygen using the onboard internal oxygen concentrator. 

The Oxygen Direct™ system uses an independent oxygen tube inside the circuit. This enables oxygen to be delivered directly to the patient in pulse-dose mode during the beginning part of the breath, precisely when the patient needs oxygen most.

The oxygen system is up to three times more efficient than stationary concentrators. This significantly decreases the size of the oxygen concentrator and maximizes battery life. Most importantly, it makes traveling and using oxygen easier.

Highlighted Technology:

Internal Oxygen Concentrator
The internal oxygen concentrator produces the equivalent of up to 6 liters per minute or up to 40 percent oxygen in adult patients. The redesigned pressure swing adsorption process and Oxygen Direct™ system mean more oxygen is generated using less battery power.

Onboard FIO2 Monitor
The VOCSN onboard FiO2 monitor verifies accurate oxygen delivery.

External Oxygen Sources
VOCSN may include low pressure and high pressure ports for external oxygen. If external oxygen becomes disconnected, VOCSN activates an alarm and allows you to switch to the internal concentrator, providing an emergency backup source of oxygen.

Integrated Oxygen Blender
VOCSN includes an integrated oxygen blender to set precise FiO2 delivery when using external high pressure sources.

Download Oxygen Tech Specs (PG 10)



By unifying ventilation, cough, and suction into one system, it now takes seconds instead of minutes to administer cough therapy with Touch Button Cough™. The Ventec One-Circuit™ features a patent pending high flow valve design, allowing patients to use the same circuit for ventilation and cough. Using the Cough + Suction feature, the suction is activated during the cough therapy to clear secretions. Patients using invasive ventilation can use the Secretion Trap™ to easily clear secretions from the circuit. Once the set number of cough cycles is complete, ventilation automatically resumes.

Touch Button Cough™: The VOCSN cough is activated with the touch of a button to make airway clearance easy. Patients remain connected to the ventilator at all times, and there is no need to disconnect circuits between uses. The system is designed to reduce the gaps in ventilation, decrease the risk of patient misconnection, and minimize exposure to the patient’s airway.

Highlighted Technology:

Advanced Cough Rise Time
The VOCSN uses an advanced rise time algorithm during cough. The system is designed to reduce the amount of mucus going back to the patient.

Breath Sync
When Breath Sync is enabled, VOCSN monitors patient breathing and triggers a cough at a natural point in the breathing cycle. The technology allows the patient to transition gently in and out of the cough therapy and seamlessly return to ventilation.

Cough + Suction
When the Cough + Suction feature is enabled, VOCSN will automatically activate the suction therapy to facilitate easy secretion clearance.

Download Cough Tech Specs (PG 12)

View Touch Button Cough Video Examples


The VOCSN high flow suction provides quiet and effective airway clearance. Working in conjunction with the Secretion Trap, suction can be used to clear secretions from the patient’s airway. VOCSN ensures consistent and precise vacuum pressure to quickly clear mucus. Plus, the suction system uses Ventec’s unique sound muffler, making it more than three times quieter than traditional suction machines.

Highlighted Technology:

Cough + Suction
VOCSN activates the suction system during the cough therapy. Caregivers can activate a cough, clear the mucus, and return to ventilation in less than one minute.

Travel Suction Canister
The 300 mL detachable travel canister allows suction on the go. This size also supports emergency responders and transport.

External Suction Canister Adapter
The external suction canister adapter connects to the side of VOCSN to enable suction therapy with VOCSN while connected to any third party external suction canister.

Ventec Secretion Trap
The suction system removes mucus from the circuit simplifying mucus management. The system allows invasive patients to remain connected to the same circuit during ventilation, suction, and cough therapies.

Consistent High Flow Technology
The three piston compressor pump provides consistent high flow suction. The VOCSN suction system is capable of generating greater than 35 L/min of flow at 450 mmHg to easily manage the removal of difficult secretions.



VOCSN provides an integrated 6 L/min nebulizer drive to make medication delivery seamless. VOCSN automatically compensates the airflow from the ventilator when the nebulizer drive is active to ensure accurate ventilation. The nebulizer can be battery operated for use on the go. Plus, VOCSN records data about each treatment and turns off the nebulizer once the therapy is complete.

Highlighted Technology:

Nebulizer Noise Muffler
The system uses Ventec’s unique sound muffler technology and is half the noise of traditional nebulizer systems.

Programmable Auto-Off
The nebulizer automatically turns off following completed use.

Each use of the nebulizer, including frequency and duration, is recorded to help ensure medication compliance.


React Datalink

React DataLinkTM

The React DataLink provides wireless support for patient data sharing, allowing clinicians to view trends, track patient compliance with prescribed therapy, and facilitate informed treatment decisions.

Simple, reliable, and HIPAA compliant, the React DataLink encrypts data to communicate over a cellular network. For customers with limited access to cellular networks, React Health's family of VOCSN products can store up to 30 days of data to share when the React DataLink next connects to an appropriate network. In addition to data sharing, the React DataLink also provides GPS location support for connected devices.

The React DataLink is fully compatible with the hardware on any existing VOCSN product and can easily be attached and connected to VOCSN in the field without tools.

Access to patient data is managed on a dedicated, password protected web portal called Multi-View ConnectTM. Qualified users must create an account and log-in with a unique password to access appropriate device reports, which can be customized for specific caregiver roles such as physician, respiratory therapist, or DME. A cellular network subscription is required to support access to Multi-View Connect.


The VOCSN Multi-Function Ventilator is reimbursed according to HCPCS Code E0467. Eligibility for a multi-function ventilator follows the same medical necessity as existing devices today.

Whether you're a respiratory therapist, physician, or caregiver, we have the resources you need to learn about integrated respiratory care with the VOCSN Multi-Function Ventilator.
VOCSN Training Resources

With all major components over-engineered and designed to 30K hours of use, you will never have to replace a nebulizer or suction pump again. In the unlikely event one therapy stops working, VOCSN is designed to keep the other functions operational to the extent that it can safely do so.
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VOCSN is used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, transport, and in homes. Complex ventilator patients (invasive, non-invasive or mouthpiece ventilation) that use multiple devices may benefit from Integrated Respiratory Care with VOCSN.
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