VOCSN Details

Customizable to Each Patient

Get all five therapies or just the mix of therapies needed.


Switch Therapies Without Changing Circuits

The Ventec One-Circuit™ allows switching between therapies with the touch of a button. The redesigned valves make Touch Button Cough™ therapy possible and the integrated oxygen tube enables Oxygen Direct™. Rather than several cumbersome tubes connecting to separate devices, the Ventec One-Circuit™ eliminates clutter to create one easy-to-manage system for peace of mind.

ACTIVE CIRCUITS: The patent pending valve design supports cough and ventilation functions in a single circuit and combines the drive and sense lines into a single trilumen tube. Additionally, VOCSN uses advanced software technology to help prevent historical problems associated with condensation to optimize Vte sensing, accuracy, and triggering by purging condensation on every breath.

PASSIVE CIRCUITS: The Ventec passive circuit is light, small, and easy to use. Our unique passive valve is designed to close the leak during cough exsufflation, thus making Touch Button Cough™ possible without changing circuits.

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It’s a Ventilator—and Much More

Get all five therapies or just the mix of therapies needed

Critical Care Ventilator

VOCSN brings next generation technology, breathing comfort, and ease of use to ventilator patients.

6 L/min Oxygen Concentrator

The VOCSN internal oxygen concentrator and Oxygen Direct™ system deliver the equivalent of 6 L/min of oxygen. External oxygen sources can be connected when needed.

Touch Button Cough

Touch Button Cough™ therapy can be activated in seconds, without changing the circuit.

Hospital Grade Suction

The quiet hospital grade suction system that is easy to transport.

High Performance Nebulizer

VOCSN records each medication use and turns off the nebulizer when the therapy is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the next year, Ventec is working with select partners on a controlled rollout to maintain a close connection between patients and caregivers. Limited quantities of VOCSN will ship in the United States beginning in June 2017, Asia in 2017, and Canada and Europe in 2018.  Click to learn more and reserve VOCSN.

VOCSN is customizable to provide the specific therapies prescribed for each patient. VOCSN can be designed to include all five therapies or just the mix of therapies needed.

Commonly, patients may not need every therapy on day one. As a patient’s medical condition advances, therapies can be added at the time the patient is prescribed new therapies. Adding therapies may require sending your VOCSN to our offices in Washington to upgrade the physical hardware.

Our team is dedicated to providing integrated innovations in respiratory care. We will continue to listen to patients and clinical experts to respond to patient and caregiver needs. VOCSN is just the beginning.