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Loa’s Blog

January 22, 2020

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Western culture seems to be driven by the morning caffeine ritual. Our overly busy days, often following restless nights, have created a dependency on this jolt of energy to kickstart the day. I am never without a warm beverage. My motivation, however, is not brewed energy, but my quest for warmth rather than brewed energy. 

Since my injury, I am immobile. As a consequence of my sessile nature, I do not generate warmth through movement and therefore am far more susceptible to perpetual coldness. Woe is me! I have found ways to compensate for this vulnerability to hypothermia that are less extreme and less disgusting than being stuffed in a gutted tauntaun, as Luke had in The Empire Strikes Back. For those who do not know what that means, just know that it is a disgusting and smelly solution no one would willingly choose to subject themselves to. 

In order to avoid such extreme measures, hats and scarves compete for space with my shoe collection.  This type of accessorization, however, is not always in season. This leaves me in a quandary – be warm or be unfashionable. Of course, there is always the option of cranking up the heat, except sometimes that runs the risk of killing my caregivers.  As they are lovely, that is definitely not something I want to do. So, unfortunately, maxing out the heater is not always a viable option either. This leaves my final tool as the most important. Unlike the others, it is always easily available without encroaching on my style, nor anyone else’s comfort. Hot tea! 

Warm fluids help me keep warm from the inside out. In addition to providing warmth, tea keeps me well hydrated which helps ward off other medical issues. Although tea is not the only hot beverage choice available, it has become my default. Coffee is just gross. According to my Icelandic relatives, the fact that I have not developed a taste for it means I have yet to grow up. I am okay with that. Adulthood is overrated anyway, and let us face it, I still live at home with my parents. As delicious as hot chocolate is, my waistline cannot afford it and it is far too rich to be able to consume it in the mass quantities needed to stay warm. Ergo, a simple solution of tea without sugar keeps me warm enough to be able to leave the cocoon of blankets my vanity only allows in bed, so that I can go forth and conquer the day. 

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