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Loa’s Blog

October 28, 2019

These Boots Were NOT Made For Walking

Considering I have lost access to many of life's pleasures, I do not think it is terrible that I have found something frivolous and indulgent that brings me joy.

I know that is not quite how the song goes, but that is how my life goes. I justify my love of designer shoes — lots of them —  with the fact that I do not walk in them or wear them out.

Loa's nephew tries on her boots
My nephew giving auntie’s boots a test spin
You may be inclined to ask why it is necessary to amass such a collection shoes if I technically do not walk in them. This may only be fully understood by a fellow shoe lover. In discussing the matter with a friend who has the same weakness for shoes, we were able to succinctly answer why so many are necessary: in addition to needing different shoes to go with different types of outfits, dressy, casual etc., a variety of shoes can change the look of a single outfit to give it multiple different feels. For example, the same clothes worn with riding boots, motorcycle boots, or cowboy boots would have either a classically elegant, edgy, or all-American feel, respectively. If all of this sounds completely crazy and feels like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, chalk it up to, it helps me look and feel cute!

I am constantly being teased around the Ventec office because I thoughtfully suggested a more neutral color for the VOCSN circuits. Since I do not allow being in a wheelchair and on a ventilator to interfere with my love of fashion, I campaigned for VOCSN to offer neutral circuit colors. This has been the source of much friendly banter and teasing around the Ventec office, where my colleagues have the false impression that I am biased against blue. For the record, blue draws the eye too strongly and people may be inclined to look at my circuit instead of my feet. And this will not do! I love all colors, including blue, but I cannot have competition drawing attention away from my fabulous shoes.

Because my shoes stay in perfect condition, I mean, it is only logical that I should be allowed to buy lots of shoes. This means they will keep their value, right? Okay, I know that my logic is entirely self-serving. However, considering I have lost access to many of life's pleasures, I do not think it is terrible that I have found something frivolous and indulgent that brings me joy. I have always loved shoes, and it is something I can still enjoy. So, there you have it, that’s how I have slowly grown a collection of pretty awesome shoes.


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