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VOCSN Multi-View

First comprehensive reporting solution for ventilator-dependent patients

VOCSN Multi-View is the first and only system to provide complete patient trending and monitoring for ventilator-dependent patients across multiple respiratory therapies including ventilation, oxygen, cough, suction, and nebulization and additional patient monitors. Building on the integrated multi-therapy delivery of VOCSN, Multi-View is designed to summarize patient data and create trend reports to facilitate actionable and informed treatment decisions and care plans, drive proactive interventions, control costs, and deliver seamless care across providers from hospital to home. The streamlined information is designed to provide decision makers a comprehensive picture of the patient’s respiratory wellbeing that has never before been possible.

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Multi-Therapy Monitoring and Trending Information

  • Next Generation Respiratory Reporting: Multi-View builds on the reports provided by traditional standalone ventilators with comprehensive information related to the use of oxygen, cough, suction, and nebulizer therapies.
  • Therapy Compliance Calendar: Multi-View records usage of each therapy and provides an easy to read compliance calendar to let medical professionals know how and when therapies are administered.
  • Therapy Use Trending:Therapy trending reports show how therapy use changes over a set period of time. For example, if cough and suction therapy use suddenly increases, this may suggest a patient exacerbation is imminent.
  • Expandable Monitors: Multi-View provides trending reports for additional monitors such as SpO2, End-Tidal CO2, and heart rate to report the patient’s recent status and monitored trends over a specific period of time.

Multi-View includes a smart summary across five therapies, a compliance calendar for tracking therapy usage, multi-therapy trending insights, as well as an alarm and settings summary. The trending summary empowers clinicians to quickly spot potential concerns which may proactively address problems before they lead to exacerbations or readmissions.

VOCSN Multi-View works across the continuum of care and is designed to enhance care for patients with neuromuscular disease (e.g., Muscular Dystrophies, ALS), impaired lung function (e.g., COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Lung Cancers, Emphysema), spinal cord injury, and pediatric development complication (e.g., premature births, Chronic Lung Disease).

Security and stability is at the core of the VOCSN Multi-View connectivity. Through a partnership with Bridge-Tech Medical, data from VOCSN is transmitted in a secure, anonymized format to ensure patient data remains private. Multi-View will utilize Bluetooth technology to connect to additional monitors and integrate them into a single report. Reports can be pulled locally using the USB port on VOCSN, or wirelessly through Wi-Fi and cellular data to accommodate the mobility of VOCSN.



Additional Details About Multi-View

  • Alarm Summary: Multi-View provides a comprehensive summary of the alarms the patient experiences including the average alarms by time of day, response time to each alarm, and graphical reports to help clinicians understand what is driving the alarms so they can make settings adjustments to customize breathing comfort and reduce alarm fatigue.
  • Setting Summary: Multi-View reports all of the settings for every therapy.
  • Searchable Data for Customizable Reports: Multi-View provides streamlined reporting templates and also allows clinicians to customize reporting and manipulate the data to look for patient specific trends.
  • Cloud Based Reports and EHR Integration: Reports are stored in the VOCSN Multi-View Cloud and compatible with hospital electronic health records, providing doctors, homecare companies, and caregivers access to the same holistic data in order to make informed decisions about care.
  • GPS Tracking: Multi-View allows for GPS reporting of unit location to help fleet managers track their devices in the field and better manage capital equipment.

VOCSN Multi-View will include two compatible platforms: Multi-View Home and Multi-View Hospital. Ventec plans to continue expanding the Multi-View platform in response to regular feedback from respiratory therapists and physicians to drive action-oriented reports that are quick and easy to read.

Multi-View reports are for informational purposes only and clinical decisions should always be made in conjunction with observation of the patient.

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