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Loa’s Blog

October 20, 2020

What is Integrated Respiratory Care and Why is it so Beneficial?

When considering the human respiratory system, the keyword is system. This is a complex network of organs that work together in order to exchange gases and maintain a clear airway, and then works with other body systems to deliver those gases to where they are needed throughout the body. Therefore, when that system fails supporting it is a complex endeavor. Accomplishing this as naturally and seamlessly as possible is the goal of VOCSN.

Historically, a ventilator could support or carry out exchange of gases in a struggling or failing respiratory system, but that left everything else that is required to maintain a healthy respiratory system to other devices.  This meant that in addition to a ventilator, patients could end up needing oxygen concentrators, cough assists, suction pumps, and nebulizers. By integrating all of these devices into a single device VOCSN has integrated respiratory care. This is obviously much more natural and since all of these devices are needed to care for the respiratory system, it makes sense to have a single device which meets all of these needs.

In addition to integrating five therapies into a single device, VOCSN has an advanced patient data and trend reporting software called Multi-View. This allows the patient, caregivers, and physician to closely monitor what is occurring with the patient’s health.  The trend reports provide a comprehensive picture of the patient’s respiratory status, which makes it possible to initiate interventions during infection or other respiratory issues, thereby reducing hospitalizations and improving overall health.  In this manner, integrated respiratory care helps caregivers to provide a higher standard of care.

Not only is this integration beneficial to improving the health and wellbeing of the patient, integrated care improves many aspects of my life.  VOCSN makes it much easier for people to focus on me as a person rather than all of the equipment it takes to keep me alive and moving from place to place, which is what I love most about it. Everything about its design helps me to be seen as a person with a unique identity, rather than the quad on a ventilator. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has put time and effort into this device which makes it possible for those using VOCSN to continue to live their life without feeling as though their identity gets lost in machinery.

The views expressed by Loa are not necessarily the view of the Ventec Life Systems, its members or the clinical board. These blog posts are the personal experiences of Loa. The blog posts are not intended to provide clinical advice or training related to VOCSN. Always consult a physician or trained clinician prior to using VOCSN. Please refer to the VOCSN Clinical and Technical Manual for detailed instructions, including indications and contraindications for use. VOCSN is available by prescription only.

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