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Loa’s Blog

September 20, 2019

VOCSN Chills Out

Although I was unsure as to my own durability in the extreme environment, I did not have to worry that VOCSN would fail me in this adventure.

Typically, my ideal vacation destination is somewhere warm and sunny, but since my latest adventure took me to Iceland, I had to modify my expectations and activity list. Heeding what my brother-in-law always says, “When in Rome…” … When in Iceland, I embarked on extreme cold adventures!

The small island nation of Iceland offers a vast variety of dramatic and extremely landscapes ranging from fjords, mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes to hot springs, waterfalls, and geysers. Amidst these mountains and valleys, there are a variety of cave formations including ice caves.

During my recent vacation in Iceland, I took the opportunity to enjoy a relatively new tourist attraction at the Perlan. These hot water storage tanks with an observatory overlooking Reykjavík, have incorporated an interactive museum that includes a man-made ice cave, kept frozen with piped in -10°C air. This cave features large blocks of ice from actual glaciers which show the layers of volcanic ash that are periodically laid down during volcanic activity.

When this activity was initially proposed, I was a little hesitant to willingly subject myself to subfreezing temperatures. I gradually grew more and more intrigued by what I might see. Although I was unsure as to my own durability in the extreme environment, I did not have to worry that VOCSN would fail me in this adventure. VOCSN is built to meet pretty hearty durability requirements and certifications. The temperature range is bigger than most ventilators, and it has a certain amount of water resistance.1

In the end, despite my initial reluctance, I was very happy that both I and VOCSN were up to the challenge, as this was way "cooler" than I expected. The experience of being in the majestic cave was invigorating and quite memorable. The atmosphere was purely magical, as blue lights gave the ice a mystical glowing essence. The cool air on my face and in my lungs immersed me into a surprisingly peaceful experience, rather than a brutal bone-chilling and teeth-chattering torture that I initially expected. So, when in Iceland, or wherever your travels take you…

1 Before using VOCSN in extreme conditions, please consult your doctor.

The views expressed by Loa are not necessarily the view of the Ventec Life Systems, its members or the clinical board. These blog posts are the personal experiences of Loa. The blog posts are not intended to provide clinical advice or training related to VOCSN. Always consult a physician or trained clinician prior to using VOCSN. Please refer to the VOCSN Clinical and Technical Manual for detailed instructions, including indications and contraindications for use. VOCSN is available by prescription only.

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