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Loa’s Blog

July 02, 2019

The Best Circumstantial Meetings

There are so many people who have entered my life as a direct consequence of my injury. Many of them have had a profound effect on my life and made it far better.

Ellen, the newest young lady to help me ride my electrical stimulation bike has always handled the atypical nature of my situation with more maturity than one would expect from someone of her age. When she first started, she was rather shy, but has since grown comfortable enough to joke about my situation in the same way that my family does. The other night, she started dancing and singing in a humorous response to one of my requests. I was suddenly struck with the thought that I was very glad she is in my life.

Had I not sustained a spinal cord injury, I would not have had the opportunity to meet Ellen. There are so many people who have entered my life as a direct consequence of my injury. Many of them have had a profound impact on my life and made it far better. Not only have they made the circumstances surrounding my spinal cord injury better, but they have truly enriched my life and made me a better person.

In addition to bringing new, wonderful people into my life, the accident has also shaped my relationship with various friends and family members. The strength of the bond that I have is so much more than what would have been there had we not been brought together by my accident. For example, my neighbor Emily also helped me with my workouts. Having known Emily most of her life, she did not have the initial shyness that Ellen did. However, there is a large enough age difference between us that, without my needing help on a regular basis, we would likely have never grown as close as we have. Now, she is not only a very dear friend, but somebody that I can count on to help with far more than the proverbial cup of sugar one might ask from their neighbor!

I would not change what happened to me. I am not suggesting that everyone ought to share this perspective. Since we cannot change the bad things that inevitably happen, I believe that this provides us with an opportunity to view them in light of the positive. Focusing on the positive aspects of a difficult situation makes it far easier to bear. It begins a cycle of positive thought that spirals upward, in opposition to the downward spiral that results from focusing on the negative. When you live for the good moments in life, it is easier to not get weighed down by the bad things, and maybe even forget about them for a little while. The new and stronger relationships that I have forged since my accident serve as a great diversion from the less than pleasant aspects of my life. They also remind me of all of the good that has come from even the most horrible parts of my past.


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