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Loa’s Blog

November 25, 2020

Thank You for Caring

People often admire me and tell me that I am amazing for continuing to live my life despite my injury.  What they may fail to realize is, I am only able to live such an active and engaged life successfully, because of my caregivers and their efforts to make a fulfilling life possible for me.  As a group my nurses and caregivers spend hours making sure that I am healthy, clean, well-rested, getting me dressed, ready, and up in my wheelchair, as well as bringing me to any and all events that I participated in.  Not only do I depend on them to stay alive, I am fortunate that they ensure that my life is a quality one.

2020 has been difficult for everyone, and at times it may feel like there is little to be thankful for.  However, sometimes when life is difficult, we realize those things that we do have to be thankful for are the ones that truly matter.  This year as we approach Thanksgiving, I know that I have much to be thankful for.  I have managed to stay safe and healthy in the midst of a global pandemic, I have a team of caregivers who have made personal sacrifices not only to keep me healthy, but also to continue to make it possible for me to receive care during this difficult time, and I have a loving and supportive family that comprise the heart of my caregiving team.

Thank you to everyone who cares for me and those caring for anyone in need of extra love and support.  Although highly valued by our society, independence and self-reliance are not something that everyone is capable of attaining.  In reality, no one is entirely self-sufficient, we all need something and someone to depend on, some of us just more than others.  This month and Thanksgiving I would like to celebrate in honor of caregivers everywhere.  To my own personal cohort, thank you to everyone who supports my mental and physical health, those who allow my parents and myself an opportunity to rest, those who go out of their way to support me in living an active fulfilling life, and most especially, to my family who young and old have dedicated themselves to caring for me.  I could not live my life without all of you, much love!

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