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Loa’s Blog

January 07, 2019

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The wisdom, truth, and pure honesty expressed by children unencumbered with social norms captures life like nothing else.  

The reality is that you do not see a lot of people out and about that are both in a wheelchair and on a ventilator.  I sometimes get stares and questions from strangers. Personally, it does not bother me and I especially love interacting with children.  

Sometimes parents try to shush their children, but I always encourage them to let their children ask questions.  I believe it is better for children to be allowed to satisfy their curiosity, because I think it helps them grow into more compassionate and understanding adults.  

One of my favorite interactions, and most memorable, was with a young boy I met shortly after my accident.  He came up to me and started asking all kinds of questions about my wheelchair, ventilator, and how I came to need them.  He wanted to know what each button and light were for and he even wanted to give them a try. Although I was more than happy to answer any questions, I thought it best to keep him away from my medical settings until after he finished medical school, or at least was a few years older.  

After telling him my story, his response was, “I just hate when that happens.”  And I could not have put it better myself. The wisdom, truth, and pure honesty expressed by children unencumbered with social norms captures life like nothing else.  

Whenever I am feeling frustrated by some of the hard knocks life has given me, I remember the simple poignancy of that little boy’s comment.  Sometimes it boils down to something that simple: yes, it does suck on occasion, but there is no reason to hide from reality or beat around the bush.




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