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Loa’s Blog

November 05, 2018

On the Road Again

If there is a good story, or two, to tell when you get home the trip was worth it. This past trip did not fail us.


Road trips... are often the way that many good stories begin. Let me just confess to being a backseat driver in the car. “YIKES, look out ahead!” I am the first to admit, I am not the easiest passenger. My family, however, has learned to accept my backseat driving in stride, as my spinal cord injury was the result of a motor vehicle accident.

Over the years, I have learned to be more comfortable in the car, and as a result I have engaged in daily activities and even the occasional road trip. Just this past month, my cousin, Chloe, got married in Morton, Washington. Oh, you have not heard of it either? Do not worry. It is two hours outside of Seattle near Mount Rainier, Washington's highest peak. Kidding aside, I love my cousin and wanted to be there to celebrate with her on her wedding day.

Chloe was in fact in the car with me when I was injured and has participated in my care over the years, particularly in helping with my exercise routine. In addition to her support, her husband has also taken it upon himself to actively participate in my care. So, there was no question that I would miss this special day, even if it meant going all thy way to… wait, where was it again... oh, right, Morton.

While the logistics of a road trip for me take a little more planning, it has become increasingly easier with VOCSN. Planning a road trip requires packing much less equipment now, and the ease of charging and swapping out batteries does not limit my time the way that it did with my previous ventilator battery. If there is a good story, or two, to tell when you get home the trip was worth it. This past trip did not fail us.

Making memories with loved ones is important to me and traveling with a ventilator is doable. All you need to do is plan ahead, be prepared for hiccups, and remember, as John Candy told Chevy Chase, “Sorry folks, Wally World is closed.”



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