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Loa’s Blog

December 09, 2019

Just a Little Fresh Air and Sunshine

How, you may ask, does a girl in a wheelchair have a “spring in her step”?
Sometimes the Pacific Northwest, Seattle in particular, gets a bad rep for its rainy weather. That is not to say that we do not get our fair share of rain, but we also get some pretty glorious sunny weather, especially in the summer.

I firmly believe that fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul. When I am tired, not feeling terribly well, or not in the best of moods, spending a little time outside always helps. I would not necessarily say that I am prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but I will freely admit that I always get an extra spring in my step on a sunny day. 

How, you may ask, does a girl in a wheelchair have a “spring in her step”? Simple, I smile more, add a little melody to my words, and move about a little more jovially. Accessing the delights of the outdoors is far easier with VOCSN for a multitude of reasons. Going anywhere outside of one’s room is much more easily accomplished with the portability derived from combining five therapies into one device with easy on the go power. 

Now for the fresh air, everyone knows it is good for you. Just because one is on a ventilator does not mean that they do not benefit from fresh air the same way everyone else does. The air delivered through the ventilator vent is still fresher when it comes from outside. Even if you are using compressed oxygen, being physically in the fresh air is good for you. The wind on your face and breeze through your hair are just as therapeutic and beneficial. Also, the VOCSN is far more robust to extreme temperatures than other devices, which makes it possible to take the time to enjoy the sunshine.

So, take every chance you can to get out of the house, whether it is to go to the park, beach, or even if it is just going out your front door to feel the sun on your face.  

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