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Loa’s Blog

October 03, 2018

How Does VOCSN Fit in with My Active Life

Living an active life on a ventilator largely comes down to consciously making the choice to be active regardless of the situation.

I refuse to let the fact that I am in a wheelchair and on a ventilator stop me from having a fulfilling and active life. VOCSN is much more conducive to supporting my lifestyle than other ventilators. In the past, I had multiple bags to carry several devices when I left the house. With the streamlined design of VOCSN, I no longer need a pack mule to venture out.

This brings me to the second big benefit: the compact, long-lasting battery power. In the past, I had to be very careful about conserving my battery power, particularly when I was away from the house for longer periods of time. Sometimes I would have to plug in and recharge in between events in order to have enough battery power to last until the end of my day. Being tethered to a wall is restrictive and, frankly, no fun. On the other hand, VOCSN has convenient, removable batteries. By simply swapping out one battery set for a fresh set, I have enough battery power to last for a full day. Because the batteries are so small, they do not add a lot of extra baggage. I can simply tuck them into my purse, or on the frame of my wheelchair, and head out the door. Before VOCSN combined a ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction machine, and a nebulizer into a single device, each of these therapies were provided by a separate devices, along with their own circuitry, accessories, and power cables.

The integration of all of these machines into a single device significantly reduces not only the equipment that I need, but also all of the accompanying clutter. VOCSN allows me to have everything I need is with me on my wheelchair as I move around my home and yard, so that I do not have to return to my bedroom for other therapy treatments, or have my caregiver haul extra equipment to wherever I am.

If I do start to run short on battery power, I always have a cable which allows me to run VOCSN off of my wheelchair's battery power. I never have to cut my day short. Additionally, there is a charger that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter of my car that can be used to conserve battery power while on the road. 

Living an active life on a ventilator largely comes down to consciously making the choice to be active regardless of the situation. VOCSN reduces the challenges of maintaining an active lifestyle.


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