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Loa’s Blog

January 08, 2020

Girls Just Wanna Twirl

Even if I am not physically doing the same things I used to do, I am at heart still the girl who loves to twirl.

Among those who know me well, it is common knowledge that I am a bit of a girly girl. I like clothes and shoes, make-up and jewelry, the color pink, and pretty things. This started when I was very young. It has always been a part of my nature — even after my accident.

My uncle used to describe me as not just a priss, but as a prissy priss. I tended to incorporate twirling and fluttering into all of my movements. One might think that this fanciful behavior is common only in little girls and would be something that I would have grown out of as I aged. That is not the case, however. I continued to have a little dancing spring or twirl in my step even when I reached the ripe old age of adulthood. 

A rather pitiable woman once told me that, after my injury, the person that I was ceased to exist as I was now only a talking head.  She was very wrong in her assessment. I think I am very much the same person that I was before. My essence has not changed. Just because I no longer physically twirl does not mean that I do not convey that same frivolity as I live my life. I think that anyone who has met me since my injury would not be surprised by the child that I was, because I am still the same Loa. 

I suppose it would have been possible for me to allow my accident to change me, but in the beginning my mom would tap the side of my head and say, "You are still the same girl, because you still have what makes you, you.”  That is not to say that life does not change us. We grow, acclimate, mature, and develop, but we do not have to let the essence of who we are escape us when extreme circumstances takes place in one’s life. I have kept my mother’s words as a reminder that even if I am not physically doing the same things I used to do, I am at heart still the girl who loves to twirl.

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