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Loa’s Blog

April 08, 2019

Dining with VOCSN

It would have been easy to pass up the invitation, because of the extra effort that inevitably accompanies any activity I participate in.  

The other day I had an impromptu lunch with several girlfriends. It was certainly not something I should have taken the time to do, but when I bumped into some friends and they asked if I could join lunch, I responded, "Sure, why not." The restaurant we chose was a favorite that I was long overdue to enjoy again.

One would expect that a public place is easily accessible. Afterall, there are ADA laws. Reality, however, does not always reflect the ideal. This restaurant happens to be an old converted house. From the front, the entrance appears completely inaccessible. The secret, however, to enjoying the delicious — and I mean delicious — food is to go through the back employee entrance that is equipped with a ramp. The unconventional effort to even enter the restaurant does not end quite so simply though. I also have to grab the miniature threshold ramp I keep in my van in order to clear the lip of the doorway.

Once inside, I am immediately upgraded from the back alleyway vagabond to what one would think is the most honored patron the restaurant has ever had. There is a table already prepared with the chair removed in the quieter rear dining room where there is also more space. I am warmly greeted by the waitress who is admonishing me for not having dined with the restaurant in such a long time.

It would have been easy to pass up the invitation, because of the extra effort that inevitably accompanies any activity I participate in. In the past, any activities I engaged in needed to be carefully planned to consider the battery life of my old ventilator. Thankfully, with VOCSN, as long as I bring along my extra batteries I can outlast the Energizer bunny! It did not take that much extra time or effort to go through the back entrance and whatever hassle was well worth it to enjoy a great meal with great company. With VOCSN, it is much easier to confidently say “Yes” to spontaneous outings with friends.




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