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Loa’s Blog

July 21, 2020

Keeping My Chin Up

People have been pushed into quarantine as of late, and not without good reason, which has left many feeling stressed, isolated, and depressed.  The dire situation and continuing loss of human life are a heavy burden contributing to the somber atmosphere.  Such circumstances can make it easy for one to fall into a state of despair, which is why I actively seek to focus on the positive things, so as not to get caught in the downward spiral. 

As strange as it sounds there is an opportunity presented by this situation, which by no means undermines the very real difficulties and struggles that are present for many people.  However, I try to remember that despite all the bad, nothing is ever one-dimensional and there are positive aspects.

Thus, instead of bemoaning the loss of social life I am pouring my extracurricular time into exercise.  I spent nearly four months without my bicycle, while it was undergoing repairs, and during that time I lost a significant amount of my hard earned muscle mass.  During the relatively short time that I have been in quarantine, I have not only made up the lost muscle, but am watching my calves grow muscles I have not seen since prior to my injury.  Additionally, the fact that I have been able to more than double my amount of time spent exercising is ensuring that I am in excellent cardiovascular and respiratory health.  This is a huge boon in my ability to fight off COVID-19.

There are many projects, that due to their status as noncritical, always get pushed to the bottom of my to do list.  I have undertaken some of these tasks, and have others that can keep me busy for quite some time, should it continue to be necessary for me to remain within the confines of my own home for an even more extended period of time.  I have also found that there are many pursuits which I might take up that I had never before considered, being largely occupied with that which must be done and my favorite leisure activities.

Finally, I have been able to slow down and enjoy many simple pleasures.  We have been favored with good weather here in Seattle and, while I have always tried to ensure that I get to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, I have been able to dedicate entire days to simply that, rather than having to fit my relaxation in between all the things that had to be done on a given day.

While a part of me is struggling to not be overwhelmed by the worldwide pain and strife, I am simultaneously choosing to not allow it to overwhelm me and drag me into a state of perpetual paranoia, stress, and depression.  Not only am I doing this by focusing on the good things that have come, but also by being selective regarding how much I inundate myself with the news and information.  I am being careful to remain well enough informed, so as not to make an ostrich of myself, with my head buried in the sand, but while also acquiring the necessary information efficiently, so as not to wallow in that which I have no power over, but rather embracing the good and that which I can proactively do in our collective fight against this pandemic.

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