COVID-19: Learn how Ventec Life Systems is responding with the V+Pro Multi-Function Ventilator. Read More >>

COVID-19: Learn how Ventec Life Systems is responding with the VOCSN Multi-Function Ventilator


Ventec Life Systems increases monthly production 80x to respond to COVID-19 needs.

See how Ventec Life Systems and General Motors partnered together to deliver 30,000 ventilators in 154 days.

Read the VOCSN V+Pro Resource Guide for details on re-ordering consumable supplies and training resources.



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VOCSN Multi-Function Ventilator

VOCSN is a critical care ventilator that works from hospital-to-home for pediatric and adult patients and includes the following therapies:

  • Ventilation: Critical care ventilator & high flow therapy
  • Oxygen: 6 L/min oxygen concentrator
  • Cough: Touch button cough assist
  • Suction: Hospital grade suction
  • Nebulizer: High performance nebulizer

FDA Cleared

ISO Critical Care Ventilator

Made in the USA

Invasive and Non-invasive

Unique Solution

Hospital to Home

Fully Customizable

Pediatric to Adult

Frequently Asked Questions for COVID-19 Emergency Response with VOCSN

Below are some answers to questions we often receive about VOCSN, but please email us at if you have any specific questions. You can also use our searchable knowledge base to find more answers to your questions.

The five therapies provided by VOCSN require a physician prescription for use in the home. VOCSN is not available for sale to individuals and can only be sold to hospitals, home medical equipment providers (DME companies), long term care facilities, medical transport, and government organizations who are licensed to purchase medical equipment.

VOCSN is a critical care ventilator that meets the International Standard for safety and accuracy (ISO 80601-2-12). Typically only found in critical care ventilators, VOCSN circuit compensation helps overcome lost volume in the patient circuit and improves airflow delivery accuracy during volume ventilation.

VOCSN is certified for use in hospital, institutional, transport, and home environments for pediatric and adult patients greater than 5 kg. VOCSN provides invasive, non-invasive, and mouthpiece ventilation and delivers a comprehensive set of modes and settings including pressure and volume control. The onboard oxygen blender also supports delivery of high-flow nasal oxygenation therapy with the same device.

If you are a hospital or government representative, please contact us here. We are processing and shipping orders as quickly as possible as they are placed, and we encourage you to plan ahead for your anticipated needs so we can best support your response.

VOCSN is manufactured in the United States and Ventec continues to work closely with our supply partners to ensure access to parts and supplies. Increased production in response to COVID-19 continues to impact areas of the supply chain and we are managing accordingly.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ventec Life Systems remains fully operational and our team is working hard to aid in the supply of additional ventilators. We have implemented additional cleaning, limited visitors, masks and social distancing for all employees, and additional protective procedures to ensure the health and safety of team members, and we continue to track local and federal health recommendations and guidelines.

If you are a respiratory therapist or medical professional wanting to learn more about using VOCSN, please visit our training section. Respiratory therapists can also sign up for a free online training course to earn 2.0 credit hours of CEU credit.

Your physician and medical professionals will determine the best course of treatment if you are impacted by COVID-19. We are not able to provide VOCSN on an individual basis or provide direct care.

VOCSN is one model with multiple configurations, including seven hardware configurations (V+O+C+S+N+Pro, V+O+C+S+N, V+C+S+N+Pro, V+C+Pro, V+C, V+Pro, and V+Pro Emergency). Each VOCSN device can also be customized to the patient using the software by enabling or disabling prescribed therapies in Clinician Access Mode. The +Pro configurations are capable of connecting external high pressure oxygen and include an on-board oxygen blender.

All VOCSN configurations are FDA cleared to provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for the care of pediatric through adult patients weighing at least 5 kg who require mechanical ventilation. All VOCSN configurations may be used in invasive and non-invasive applications across a variety of modes and settings including pressure and volume ventilation and include high flow therapy functionality. All VOCSN configurations are intended for use in home, hospital, institutional, and transport settings, including portable applications.

Click here for a VOCSN Configuration Overview.

The VOCSN Multi-Function ventilator was FDA 510(k) cleared in April, 2017. The 510(k) cleared VOCSN ventilator can be provided in a number of configurations with optional integrated functions, such as an oxygen generator or a suction pump (these options are highlighted on pages 7, 9, and 11 in the VOCSN 510(k) Summary). Note: The nebulizer function is a Class 1 device, exempt from 510(k) clearance, thus not included in the 510(k) letter. The V+Pro Emergency configuration with certain alternate components is subject to an EUA, but to date no V+Pro Emergency units have been distributed under the EUA.

Some versions of the Ventec One-Circuit™ include a cuff around the exhalation valve that can be used to attach a bacterial filter. If your patient circuit does not include this cuff, it is recommended that you place a filter inline after the exhalation valve.

Yes. The travel suction canister and the external suction canister adapter are equipped with a hydrophobic filter that offers a high filtration efficiency.

Yes. VOCSN configurations with software version 4.09R and later include an Inspiratory Hold feature that provides static compliance and plateau pressure measurements.

  • With an Active circuit, PEEP can be set between 0 and 25 cmH2O.
  • With a Passive or Valveless circuit, PEEP can be set between 4 and 25 cmH2O.

  • With a high-pressure oxygen source, oxygen can be delivered from 21% - 100% FiO2.
  • With a low-pressure oxygen source, oxygen can be bled-in up to 20 L/min.
  • With the VOCSN internal oxygen concentrator, oxygen from 0.5 to 6.0 L/min O2 Flow Equivalent can be delivered with the Oxygen Direct system (through a patient circuit O2 tube). In an average-sized adult, 6.0 L/min O2 Flow Equivalent delivers approximately 40% FiO2.

Yes. Oxygen via bleed-in from an external low-pressure source is additive, and can be used in conjunction with the internal oxygen concentrator or external high-pressure source.

If you are using the internal oxygen concentrator and want to add additional oxygen via bleed-in from an external, low-pressure source, leave the internal oxygen concentrator running (as shown on the Oxygen therapy screen) and then simply add the low pressure source to the back of VOCSN, and turn the oxygen source on.

No. Adding external, low-pressure oxygen will not affect ventilation delivery.

Please refer to the Comparable Ventilation Modes document, available by clicking here.

Yes. VOCSN offers High Flow therapy on devices with software version 4.06 and compatible hardware. To determine if your VOCSN has access to High Flow therapy, look at the “V” icon in the status bar.

  • Devices with High Flow therapy display a “V” icon with a white background. Leak+
  • Devices without High Flow therapy display a “V” icon with a blue background. Without Leak+
VOCSN devices with High Flow therapy offer the following Flow setting ranges:
  • When Patient Type is set to Adult, the Flow range is 15 to 60 L/min.
  • When Patient Type is set to Pediatric, the Flow range is 4 to 25 L/min.
For more information about using High Flow Therapy with VOCSN V+Pro Emergency including accessories and supplies, please click here.

For information on setting up High Flow therapy please refer to page 26 of the Clinical and Technical Manual, available at

At minimum, all VOCSN devices provide leak compensation up to 75 L/min at 20 cmH2O. VOCSN devices with software version 4.06 and compatible hardware provide extended leak compensation up to 175 L/min @ 20 cmH2O. To determine if your VOCSN has access to the extended Leak+ performance, look at the “V” icon in the status bar.

  • Devices with Leak+ performance display a “V” icon with a white background. Leak+
  • Devices without Leak+ performance display a “V” icon with a blue background. Without Leak+

VOCSN has been tested and validated using the Ventec One-Circuit™. The Ventec One-Circuit is available in several different circuit configurations, most of which can be ordered as adult or pediatric, and heated or non-heated:

  • Active
  • Passive
  • Valveless
  • Active with Oxygen
  • Passive with Oxygen

Yes. Refer to the Clinical and Technical Manual, page 191 for external power requirements, available at

Approximately 13 hours. A separately available Quick Charger can be used to charge the external batteries in 5 hours.

VOCSN does not offer a stand-by mode.

Yes. The VOCSN touchscreen can still be easily navigated with gloves and typical personal protective equipment.


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We are very grateful to Ventec Life Systems and General Motors for the critical care ventilators we received in April. The devices built in just one month are currently helping patients battling COVID-19, and are valuable tools enabling our medical team to save lives. I’m proud to say we have had many patients beat COVID-19, wean off the ventilator and safely return home.

—Dr. Suzanne Pham, Weiss Memorial Hospital

I’m grateful that Weiss Memorial Hospital received ventilators created by Ventec Life Systems and General Motors. When I was rushed into the hospital room, I couldn’t walk without pausing to catch my breath. The team at Weiss put me on one of your machines, and I was fortunate to make a fast recovery. They later told me they were running out of ventilators, but fortunately had received one of the first shipments from the federal government, so I didn’t have to wait for help. That machine (VOCSN) pretty much saved my life.

—Jeffrey Dickerson, Chicago, IL, COVID-19 Survivor

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