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Our expert board of clinical advisors is not enough. To continue advancing respiratory care, we need you. Patients. Families. Caregivers. Medical professionals. Connect with us to find care groups and join the conversation.

Why We Created VOCSN

Integrated solutions for respiratory care

Our team was motivated by the belief that people are more than their medical conditions and that technology should evolve to make life easier. People should not have to use five different medical devices to treat any medical condition.

And yet, the reality has been very different. Hospital workers must learn multiple devices and spend valuable time switching circuits to deliver multiple therapies.  Patients' families are overwhelmed as their homes turn into mini hospital rooms to support all of the different devices.

We designed VOCSN to make life easier for patients and their caregivers. The result is that patients become more mobile and caregivers have more time to care for their patients. 


Our Team

Doug DeVries is a pioneer and leader with nearly four decades of experience in the field of mechanical ventilation.

Prior to forming Ventec Life Systems, Doug was Vice President of engineering for Bird Medical Technologies following Dr. Forest Bird’s departure.  In 1997, Doug formed a new company to create the LTV™ portable ventilator.  The introduction of the LTV™ series ventilator changed the world of portable ventilation, particularly for children who were able to leave the hospital months earlier to go home with their families.

But there was one more problem to be solved. When Doug’s father was diagnosed with ALS and decided to forgo ventilation therapy, Doug was determined to do more to improve patient mobility. Doug wanted to improve the quality of life for ventilator patients and make care more manageable for caregivers.

To foster the next generation of respiratory care, Doug needed the best minds.  In 2013 he reassembled the band of engineers. Doug and “the band” spent years thinking, prototyping, and developing a unified respiratory system. They envisioned a truly portable breathing system that is so integrated, and so simple, that each therapy could be activated with the touch of a button. The result is VOCSN.

Ventec Clinical Board

The VOCSN team brings the best minds in respiratory care to improve patient health. The Ventec Clinical Board are objective thought leaders. They are free to share any opinions that are good, bad, or indifferent to the VOCSN or Ventec Life Systems. We rely on our Clinical Board for ideas on how to improve the VOCSN and for future innovations in respiratory care.

Richard Branson Msc RRT

Professor of Surgery, University of Cincinnati

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Neil R. MacIntyre MD

Medical Director, Respiratory Care Services, Duke University Medical Center

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Owner, Mobile Medical Homecare

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Dean R. Hess PhD RRT

Respiratory Care, Ma­­ssachusetts General Hospital

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Joshua O. Benditt MD FCCP

Professor of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical Director of Respiratory Care Services, University of Washington Medical Center

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Lewis Rubinson MD PhD

Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland
School of Medicine
Assistant Chief Medical Officer for Critical Care, University of Maryland Medical Center, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

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VOCSN is FDA Cleared

Over the next year, Ventec will work with select partners on a controlled rollout to maintain a close connection between patients and caregivers. Sign up for the latest news and to reserve VOCSN.